We Believe…

We believe that the problems in the Black community lie largely with the black man and the solution lies with the black man. Because, for any group of people to rise, their men must rise. And after they have arisen, they must stay standing, no matter what, and take their God-given positions as the leaders of their families, churches, communities, or what have you. The National Association To Save Young Black Men was created to encourage young black men in seven major areas of life to be the leaders that they should be, to affect a positive change in the black community of America and beyond.

7 E’s to Empower Young Black Men

The mission, purpose, and goals of the National Association to Save Young Men can be summed up by the following 7 E’s.

1. Evangelism: We teach parents, civic leaders, church leaders, and others how to reach young black men.

2. Edification: We build up and challenge young men to be strong, moral leaders.

3. Exhortation: We encourage young black men through the vicissitudes of life.

4. Education: We strongly advise young men to pursue higher education.

5. Entrepreneurship: We teach young men how to generate a good income, be good businessmen, and handle their money.

6. Enthusiasm: We share with young men a positive way of life, a life that they can be enthusiastic and excited about, instead of depressed and defeated.

7. Enduring Legacy: We challenge young men to not only live life well, but to leave a rich heritage behind for their sons and daughters and the community in which they live.